Our products are accurate reproductions of pieces of furniture created in the 1920s and 1930s.


They are thus not originals from the Bauhaus workshops of those times (manufactured personally by Bauhaus designers). Such pieces are extremely rare these days and are largely in the possession of museums or private collectors. By faithfully reproducing the form and materials of the originals we enable our delighted customers to enjoy their designers' creativity at affordable prices. Most of the pieces are still manufactured largely by hand by small Italian firms. Of course there are differences between them and the originals. What you receive from us is new furniture, and most of the originals have been used for many decades.


From the design point of view, however, no relevant deviations from the originals can be detected. One must of course remember, however, what is technically possible today and how furniture was manufactured by hand at the beginning of the last century. Modern techniques for the treatment of metal surfaces and new types of polyurethane upholstery give our furniture the advantages of modern production without detracting at all from its originality.




Is it Legal? 

 is 100% legal to buy furniture reproductions in Italy or UK and have them transported to the rest of Europe!

Please feel completely assured about buying from It is completely legal for all European businesses and individual customers to buy replica products from us due to the flexibility of EU regulations.

Italian and British copyright law offers more leniency than the law in Germany and most other countries in EU. So that means selling replica furniture is entirely legal once the original design is more than 25 years old. This also means that, as our company is based in the UK, it is EU rules governing the free movement of goods that apply and override any member state copyright laws. Therefore, it is completely legal for all EU businesses and citizens to buy reproduction furniture from



100 % Steelclassic Guarantee

All furniture products that are marked with this logo were photographed on behalf of Steelclassic. Now you can buy with confidence because we guarantee our customers that they receive exactly the product quality they expect.


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